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Every business is different. So we take a customized approach to getting your company online and identified. With a low starting price you can choose to add as many or as few features as you need. The great part is our standard features already include what most companies need.

Design services such as Web Design and Branding are usually one time costs. Online Marketing will involve ongoing services. We price these ongoing services at a monthly rate. We chose this model because it allows us to offer a lower price point to our customers while also providing them with a true value.

Please Note: The Basic Hosting Package is our only required monthly service.

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Branding Services

Online Marketing

Why should you choose Concept Definition?

Well here is the secret, we only serve our ideal customer. We don’t want to force sales. We aren’t just looking to maximize profits. We are really seeking out partners.

If what we offer isnt a good fit for you we will let you know. Why? Because we don’t want to provide a service that doesn’t provide value to your business.

We built our business with the purpose of providing local small and medium sized businesses with the help they need to compete online. Reach out to us and find out if we are the right partner for you.

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